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Ben Achariyachai
Prof. O’Brien
The Big Candy Bully [needs subtitle]

Bullying is a repeated action in order to perceive the imbalance of power, in simpler terms, using any kind of force to out power the weaker group to remain in power. In the United States, there is a law against it. According to the News in the last 5 decades, the U.S. has always been acting as the hero, saving other countries. According to the book “Overthrow”, the U.S. have always been interfering others because of some kind of incentives and to cover it up they make up seemingly good reasons to make them seem good. The countries that are interfered feels threatened by the U.S. force but cannot do anything about it because the truth is that the U.S. is the strongest country in the world. When a person is being pushed to their limits, they fight back, but these are countries so there has to be some sort of action to display their rage. Terrorism and wars occur out of bitterness of the ones treated unfairly. Fighting back when pushed seems like the right thing to do but often times the bully wins.

“Gimme your candy!” is basically what America is saying. Even though, America is one of those countries with the richest resources but they decide not to use it in fear of something like the Armageddon. They occupation of Iraq is happening because the American government firstly feel bad and secondly want the world to see that they are not abandoning Iraqis to be fair. The government knows that if a country fell apart because of the removal of long time dictatorship, they are to blame.
what America is doing right now is like a big kid going around asking for candy while he is holding a lot in his bag. What are the other countries going to do? They need resources in order to survive as well. They have to hand it to America out of bitterness because they know if they resist they will have a hard time. America is the big candy bully.

Stephen Kinzer wrote a book named Overthrow which talks about the United States’ regime change in each country since a hundred years ago. In this book he wrote in a very sarcastic fashion opposing the actions of the U.S. In his subtle opinion, he thinks that we are just using the word helping as an excuse to conquer the world. The U.S. have been doing “regime change” since along time which costs a lot of money and casualties just to demontrate according to him. In a time line written by Collier demontrates what the U.S. have been doing all these years. It demonstrates that this power hungry country wants to be number one in the world.

According to Collier’s journal. Granada was “protected” by President Reagan on 1983. This is said to be a regime change for the United States to lend a helping hand to them. However, in the eyes of the local it is said to be an invasion. Their Priminister was executed because his country post threat to the United States. Granada is an island of 344 sq km and a population of 100,00. It seems not too threatening to me. Dominican Republic is another one of the many which was occupied by the U.S. a few times. In 1903 U.S. marine forces landed to protect the city of Santo Domonigo from a revolutionary outbreak. A year later, British force landed and helped the U.S. protect their interest within the cities. These two countries obviously want some benefit of the land. 20 years later the situation did not get any better, in fact they threatened insurrection. 40 years later, the U.S. sent more force. The Dominican Republic is forced to accept the U.S.’s help. After 60 years nothing really changed.

When Columbus found America, it was just a pot of gold. The land was filled with resources and the natives are not as advanced technologically. So the White Anglo people decided to take their land away from them as make it their own. They just simply killed natives if they refuse to give up their land. The more land was taken as time goes by; the natives simply were pushed into living in reserves. Ironically the way the Americans conquer their motherland is still the way they are taking charge of the world. With the concept of “if you don’t give up your land, we will take it.” Anything is possible. This is the main reason why the U.S. army is still in Iraq. This is the main reason why the U.S. got engaged in so many wars. The U.S.A. simply wants all resources for themselves, and conquer the world. Oil is the best example for natural resources is under the soil of the U.S.A. but they do not want to use their own, so they make deals with other countries. Well that dream is impossible because every country need natural resources.

The U.S.A is not the only rapid growing industrial country in the world. Japan is located in Asia, quite far away from the U.S. is another emerging country, speaking economically. Japan is a conservative country with good discipline on the people, which make the labor more efficient. In the 1900’s Japan grew rapidly and became the strongest country in Asia. Japan has been observing the actions of U.S.A. for a long time and used it as s strategy to gain more resources. Japan declared war with Mongolia and invaded numerous countries in South East Asia before they attacked Pearl Harbor.

In comparison with high school bullying, what the American army did was playing the big bully. All this time the big bully was just going around asking others for free candy. The other younger kid saw this and repeated the actions for benefit. The younger kid in engaged in a fight, so he needs more candy than usual in order to get more energy. However after the big bully saw this, he was not happy, he decided to stop giving the younger kid their usual big source of candy. The younger kid got infuriated and started to attack out of desperation. The big bully then got engage in this fight because he attacked the younger kid, but had won the fight later on.

Japan is a student of the U.S.A. in the 1940s, they saw the U.S. army doing regime changes in countries with beneficial profits such as natural resources. So Japan went on to not using their own resources and invaded South East Asia for it just like the actions of the U.S. President Truman was aware of this immoral act and decided not the export oils to Japan, which at that time in the middle of WW2. Which lead to an understanding of war. With not as advance war technology as the U.S. Japan decided to have suicidal plane bombs crash into Pearl Harbor. The day Kamikaze crashed Pearl Harbor, it shocked the world. This brings such tragedy to the American people and infuriated the President.

Another dreadful surprised struck the U.S. on September 11th. A terrorist attack into the twin tower lead by Osama Bin Laden happened that day. To every action there is a cause; it was the unhappy radical Muslim people who rallied up this event. Suffering from oppression by the Americans, the Muslim people stood up for themselves. It is because of constant regime change, that the people got infuriated. In every country there are people who sure have pride of their country. After seeing their own motherland being taken control by foreign people, the natural response is to rebel and fight but after doing that they realized that they are fighting the most powerful country in the world and there is no way they could win it. Terrorist groups are formed because the country does not approve such actions. In this case when religion are dragged into it, it turned into something bigger, so people are willing to make “sacrifices” for their country meaning to give up their own life for it. The saddest part is that innocent lives who know nothing about the actions of their government are lost, just for some group of people who wants to prove a point.

The problem in today’s society is that we never reach the point of satisfaction, the point where we can say that’s enough when it comes to power and money. As we advanced technologically, we declined morally. America is a great example of that. The U.S. are always wanting to be number one and want the other nations to look up to them and they make sure of that. Sometimes it gets out of line, if we just live in peace as countries everything would be better. There are already the United Nations to be the judge of international affairs. The third world countries do not need another country to take over them and showed how to run the country. There are enough resources already in the soil of the U.S. to be a powerhouse industrialized country in the world. There is no right for the bully to take the candy in the first place. There is a law in the constitution saying that self defense is acceptable, so then why is the bully hitting the younger kid when he fights back. Is there any authority in this world or is there just the monopoly of who is the most powerful? In conclusion, the reason why Pearl Harbor happen is the same as September 11th. Why do not we ever learn from the past? Or are we just striving for power and totally control? I should question the morality of the U.S. military actions. The people of the U.S. are fed filtered news all along, they are fed with the excuses of the Presidents which are protecting the benefits of the country by oppressing others.

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