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#3: The Big Candy Bully
Bullying is a repeated action in order to perceive the imbalance of power, in simpler terms, using any kind of force to out power the weaker group to remain in power (Collier, 1993). In the United States, there is a law against it. According to the News in the last 5 decades, the U.S. has always been acting as the hero, saving other countries (Olweus, 2001). According to the book “Overthrow”, the U.S. have always been interfering others because of some kind of incentives and to cover it up they make up seemingly good reasons to make them seem good. The countries that are interfered feels threatened by the U.S. force but cannot do anything about it because the truth is that the U.S. is the strongest country in the world (Kinzer, 2006). When a person is being pushed to their limits, they fight back, but these are countries so there has to be some sort of action to display their rage (Banks, 1997). Terrorism and wars occur out of bitterness of the ones treated unfairly. Fighting back when pushed seems like the right thing to do but often times the bully wins.

cover note questions for your Essay Draft
Cover Note Questions (self-assessment, communicating with me)
1. What aspects of this process has been bumpy (confusing, overwhelming, etc.)?
2. What’s causing these bumps?
3. What aspects have been smooth (healthy challenge, manageable, etc.)?
4. What’s causing the smooth aspects?
5. What do you want me to pay attention to when I read and comment?
6. What do you want me to ignore?
7. What do you need from me?
8. Are you satisfied with the amount of time, effort etc you’re putting into your Essay?
9. What else do you want me to know?
with this draft, we’re in the revision, citing, note-taking Phases

My prior knowledge on this topic is minimal however I do know that a lot of the citizens of Ireland disagree with what is going on over in the Middle East. I thought back to the many times I have been to Ireland and thought about the type of reaction I got when I said I was American. One time while at a museum we had to introduce our self to the tour group and when I said I was from Boston the other people laughed and started to bash the U.S. government. They also had ads around Dublin with Bushes face on them making up of him and our government. This is how I know the opinions of the average citizen in Ireland about what is going on in our Government.
Sociology would most likely be the scholarly discipline I would associate this topic with. Sociology is the study of human societies and since we are dealing with the Irish society would make the main idea sociology. That is how I picked sociology to be my scholarly discipline.
Some documents I plan to use for this essay are as followed Irish newspaper, Govt. Docs., My family that lives in Dublin and other online data bases. My Aunt sent me links to the Irish times and Irish Tribune which both have very strong opinions on the war. I also contacted our librarian who sent me links to the Irish Govt. documents that will help me find out how the govt. feels about the war. Those are some of the recourses I plan to use and how I found them.
My new to do list is to contact my family over there and talked to them about the issue and do extensive research with the information I already have. I want to find more about the average person and Ireland over the government so I can see the difference between the two views. That is my updated to do list and what I have to do to get great results on this essay.


If You'e looking at US Politics, check out these legitimate sites:

google: "National Security Archives"

article on hitler's public health policies: