QUIZ III – essay instructions
1) The minimum number of pages is the optimal number of pages:
2) Everyone must do some independent research
3) 5 pages converts to about 15-17 paragraphs
4) Everyone must use Kinzer as a source
5) It is ok to use MLA style attribution
6) Every essay option requires you to critically analyze ideas, arguments and empirical ‘data’
7) Your PK research, journals and blog postings contain lots of raw materials for your essays
8) I only expect you to hand in a final draft to me on the last day of class
9) I will be so excited when you use and cite Wikipedia
10) I expect you to write lots of icebergs
Extra Credit:
11) I don’t think peer feedback is very helpful
12) I expect you to take initiative and responsibility for your choices
13) I expect you to communicate and collaborate with me
14) I expect you to wait until the last minute to write your essay

QUIZ –II continents & hemispheres-- IN CLASS, PAIRS
Preparation: label: the 4 hemispheres, the Equator & the 4 Cardinal Directions(3 Points)—google CIA factbook , then to its homepage. NAvigate from there based on the task.

Answer T or F for the following based on your preparation and the CIA Factbook maps
1. North America is in the “western” and “northern” hemispheres
2. Iraq is in the Western Hemisphere
3. Afghanistan is north of the Equator
4. The Middle East is part of three Continents.
5. Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere and north of Guatemala
6. On what continent are Iran and Iraq?
7. The western hemisphere includes the nations of the Caribbean

A) Do the Philippines belong to a hemisphere?
B) Do the Philippines belong to a continent?
C) Are some continents a hybrid of geography and politics?

D) Is Iraq in the same Hemisphere as eastern Russia?
QUIZ I -syllabusiness
1. According to the syllabus, this course deals with the 3 academic capabilities = F
2. There is a final exam/project, but no midterm = F
3. This is a lecture course =F
4. We go to the pc lab every tues throughout the semester = F
5. There is homework most days =T
6. We will critically watch and annotate 2 films. = T
7. The required text was written by Stephen Kinzer = T
8. Office hours are on Tues mornings before class = F
9. This course has a ‘don’t ask don’t tell policy” for late homework = T
10. How many class sessions will be held in the PC Lab? 5 or 6
Each quiz is worth 100 points, 10 pts/item. Please send me your score by email. thanks. erin